The second episode is an interview with Herbert Wolverson, creator of bracket-lib (pka RLTK), Rust Roguelike Tutorial, and Nox Futura.

A very wide-ranging interview covering many interesting topics: where the bracket-lib came from and what the creator is doing now, as well as practical questions and issues discovered in the course of creating their game, [Nox Futura]. Lots of interesting talk about a new Rust games development book Herbert is writing, C++ vs Rust, learning Rust, code architecture and ECS's in roguelikes, emergent behavior, and hilarious bugs in Dwarf Fortress.

Episode Summary

This week we chat to Herbert Wolverson creator of the Bracket Lib (previously RLTK) library. In this episode, we cover creating roguelikes, procedural generation, voxel engines and his upcoming title Nox Futura.

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